Creating impressively attractive content for your hotel and restaurant by our social media strategy based on your Unique Selling Point

Social media can be a daunting channel for any business. Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly difficult for hotels to grow a following on social channels, which now often prioritize media spend over anything else.

We are asked the same questions by hoteliers all over the world. How can I grow my Instagram followers? How often should I post on Instagram and Facebook? How much should I spend? Should I consider other platforms like Snapchat or Pinterest? How can I make sure I reach the right audience? What works and doesn’t work on social media?

We provide training course for teams who prefer to manage social media internally, helping you create a consistent tone of voice to reflect your brand personality.


Content, Communication, Email Marketing, Influencer, SEO, SEM

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Content Creation

Creative content always is Chiic's priority firstly on the way to research customers' insights and take more effort to bring the brand image closer to the public effectively 




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